The ./havoc Podcast

The ./havoc podcast provides a platform for cybersecurity researchers to share their ideas, experiences and guidance with the cybersecurity community. For the scope of this podcast, the term “cybersecurity researcher” includes anyone that has published a widely available cybersecurity research report, submitted an original CVE record, or developed software that is used by the cybersecurity community.
Topic categories include: threat actor research, tactics, techniques & procedures research, vulnerability research, and original red-team/blue-team software works.
The content of the ./havoc podcast is delivered in an interview format. In each episode, the podcast’s host, Tom D’Aquino, interviews a guest cybersecurity researcher that recently published/released an original work in which they were either the sole producer of or participated as a pivotal member of the production team. Interview topics include personal interests that motivated the project, the technical aspects of the research involved, additional context that may not be present in the final release, and any lessons learned that the interviewee feels compelled to share.